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Your pets are just like us. They require the right nutrients to maintain a healthy body and mind. Some pets eat whatever that’s given to them, while others are just plain fussy. You know who were talking about. Cats are notorious for turning away food just because it’s not exactly what they want. Fortunately for cat (and other pet) owners out there, we’ve got a huge range of options for you to pick from. There’s something even for the fussiest felines. Have you recently rescued a kitten from the shelter? The Advance Kitten Wet Food with Jelly is your best option. It provides your kitten the nutrients it needs and antioxidants for immune support. For adult cats, we’ve got a large range of Royal Canin cat food to suit your furry needs. Take the Royal Canin Adult Urinary Care for example, it’s formulated to maintain urinary tract health in healthy adult cats. Not only that, Royal Canin also makes kibbles for specific cat breeds. For example, the Royal Canin British Shorthair is meant to target common issues British Shorthair cats face. We also have the popular Greenies Cat Treats if you want to treat your cats every now and then. They come in a variety of flavours, so your cats will never get bored of them. Keep your cats feline fine with our range of cat food here at Catch!

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Don’t worry, we’re not neglecting your dogs’ needs. How could we when they’re man’s best friend? Here at Catch, we want to keep your dogs warm and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for something for your Great Dane or your teacup Pomeranian, we’ve got the right stuff just for you. Looking for snuggly dog beds for the winter months? Check out our selection of heated dog beds online. The Tail Waggers Heated Pet Bed come in many sizes for your pups. We also have a number of heated pet pads such as the Dudley’s Self Warming Pet Pad. It features a super heat reflective core insulation for outstanding thermal performance. Has your dog been infested with fleas? You’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got tons of flea treatments for dogs available online. Try our best-selling Advocate Flea & Worm Treatment. Not only does it treat parasite infections, it also helps protect your dogs against fleas, heartworm and gastrointestinal worms. We also have hundreds of dog food on sale too. With top brands such as Pedigree, Royal Canin and more, we guarantee you won’t be leaving Catch empty-handed. What are you waiting for? Shop flea treatments, dog food and more at Catch NOW!

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Serious stuff aside, we hope you’ve got a good collection of toys for your furry ones. But if you don’t, then start browsing our range of pet toys. Have you met a dog that doesn’t like to play fetch? We haven’t either. Spoil your pup with the iFetch Frenzy. This award-winning device is revolutionising the way dog owners are keeping their furry ones entertained. If you prefer the traditional way of playing fetch, the Aussie Dog Catch Ball is perfect for you and your best friend. It comes in multiple sizes and colours too. Are you looking for a toy for your feline friend? Legendog currently has a huge sale on its Cat Toy Tumbler with Feather Teaser! Catch also has a selection of scratching posts, grooming supplies, collars for your cats and dogs and more. Shop now and grab yourself a Screamin’ Good Deal today!