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Scented candles on sale - here at Catch!

The magic of candlelight makes every occasion special! Indulge yourself in the enticing scents of essential oil diffusers and aromatherapy candles available at the best prices on Catch! From setting a romantic mood for your someone special to adorning the entrance of your home with sweet smells to welcome guests, the glow and scent of a flickering candle will make your living space more livable. Candles also make a perfect gift for someone close, check out The Aromatherapy Co. Naturals Candle 340g - Rose & Patchouli, it’s the right choice for people who love floral scents. This delightful candle will set the right mood in no time! Considering scented candles as a gifting option is thoughtful, if your pal loves fruity smells then the ECOYA Madison Jar Soy Wax Candle Freesia & Grapefruit 400g will make a great gift. Check out our range of candles & diffusers 100% online - here at Catch!

Buy essential oil diffusers online at mind-blowing prices!

Candles make your house smell good but essential oil diffusers will make your favourite smell last longer. Scent diffusers work wonders in places like the kitchen and bathroom which are quite prone to strong and unpleasant smells! Grab the Royal Doulton Aroma

  • Reeds Diffuser Wild Fig & Apple Blossom 200mL, this will make a perfect addition to your bathroom decor. This diffuser is made of premium products for a high-quality result and will last up to seven months after opening! It’ll freshen up the atmosphere of your ensuite. Thinking of buying something for your bedroom? Well, candles for the bedroom are the best pick as they set the perfect romantic mood but if you like your favourite scent to linger for hours, the MOR Reed Diffuser 150mL - Black Iris essential oil diffuser is the ultimate product for you. It has exquisite aromas of blackcurrant, iris, rose and woods, sure to liven up the mood. Buy candles online at Catch to make your home into a stress-relieving oasis in absolutely no time. We’ve got a wide collection of scented candles you’ll fall in love with!

Scented candles, aromatherapy candles & diffusers on sale!

Choosing the right smell for the right room is very important! Bedrooms need relaxing scents but bold smells work well for living rooms, citrus smells are perfect for the kitchen however fruity smells are recommended for bathrooms. So basically exercise some caution before buying candles or diffusers. For instance the Sanctuary Studio Soy & Coconut Candle 320g - Lemon Drop can be a pleasant centrepiece for a dining table or coffee table. While sipping your coffee you can enjoy the light delightful tropical smell of this gorgeous looking candle! So, what are you waiting for? Catch has essential oil diffusers & scented candles on sale and you can have them delivered straight to your door!