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The Latest Mobile Phones for Discount Prices

Smartphones have gifted us with the ability to be in constant communication with each other, browse the web from a device in our pockets, record and take photos and even pay for things with that very same device. It is almost crazy how much we rely on our phones now, so why would you want to settle for an old phone that is slow and lags whenever you want to do one of these things! At Catch you can access all the news phone releases whether they are iPhones, Samsung or even Nokia. Whatever phone takes your fancy we have what you need, and for a discounted price. With our range of pre-owned and refurbished devices you can have the latest device for a fraction of the price. And don’t stress each phone has gone through a professional quality test to ensure they still run as good as new! Stop overpaying everywhere else and make sure you’re getting the best deal you possibly can at Catch.

Each phones comes with a 12 Month Warranty

It can be stressful choosing to purchase a second-hand phone, as you don’t know what the previous owner did with it and whether it will even work like new! But at Catch we put each phone through professional quality checks to ensure it runs like new and each phone comes with a 12 month warranty so if anything goes wrong in the first year we will be there for you! For example, our pre-owned or refurbished range of iPhone 11’s have been checked for any faults with the system, and may have had parts replaced if they did not meet the required standards such as battery life. You can rest easy knowing your phone is as good as new but without the brand new price tag!

Don’t break the bank for a smartphone - pay with Afterpay!

It already sounds pretty amazing that you can score an almost new phone for amazingly low [prices at Catch, but what if we told you it gets even better? If you don’t want to cover the whole cost of your phone upfront, why not pay it in four installments over 2 months with Afterpay! You can after mobile phones purchased online at Catch and only pay a quarter of the price to start with. Take the pressure off needing to spend a month’s rent on a smartphone and spread the cost over time. If you choose to use afterpay you receive plenty of reminders when each payment is due so you won’t miss and won’t be stuck with late fees, it is so simple and risk-free! Stop stressing over a phone that doesn’t work, or crashes everytime you go to watch Netflix, treat yourself and get the latest model for a discounted price with Catch!