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We live in the day and age of instant communication, being able to communicate with one and another with just a couple of clicks. Through MMS, text messaging, call, video call, and other applications, you can now talk to your friends and family from around the world. The creation of smartphones has given us the capabilities of surfing the web with the device in our pocket. You can now shop online, browse the web, email, view social media platforms and do just about anything else on the wide web. In 2019 our mobile phones give us the hours of entertainment we crave every single day. Play games, watch movies, read eBooks, listen to your favourite music and so much more. Sitting on the train on the way to work is far from a chore in this generation, now you can Catch up on reading, watch the latest episode of your favourite show or listen to the new album your favourite artist just released. We live in an “I want it now” generation - why wait ‘til later to buy that new album you’ve been waiting for, when you can do it all from your mobile phone and listen instantly without leaving your bed? Our smartphones are so strong and intelligent that they’ve replaced so many things we used to need. Gone are the days of buying or carrying your camera, video camera, radio, MP3 player, calculator, GPS, flashlight, wristwatch, books and so much more. These days you don’t even have to go out and buy the paper - you can view it all online from your handheld device and pay as you go. Whether you’re looking for a new and updated smartphone or you’re buying your child their first one. We have some of the best mobile phone deals online and want you to know about it. Stop overpaying everywhere else for the latest smartphones. Make sure you’re getting the best deal you possibly can and shop online with Australia’s favourite online superstore.

The iPhone X –It’s Finally Here!

Are you searching for a phone that covers the entire screen and is so immersive that you’ll disappear into the phone while using it? What about a phone that’s so smart, it responds to a simple touch, your voice and even a glance? The iPhone X has been created from your very own imagination and now it’s a reality, say g’day to the future – because it’s finally here. Being the 10th instalment of the famous Apple iPhone, the X was designed and developed to have you step into the next generation of tech. Sporting their slogan, “say hello to the future” – once you get the iPhone X in your hands, you’ll understand why. Introducing Face ID to the consumer, you can now unlock, purchase apps and do your banking just by looking at your phone. Using it’s TrueDepth camera you won’t have to worry about whether it’s light or dark out because the camera will recognise you. Watch movies like you’ve never seen them before – the OLED display is 100% jaw dropping, using Super Retina Display, showing realistic colours and lets you see sharper and view better angles. Grab the best pics with the iPhone X’ dual cameras, take the best photos for Instagram and remember the best moments. Grab your very own iPhone X from Catch and never overpay again.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 for Less

Looking to gross over to the Android world but you’re not sure which phone to start with? Sit back and relax because I’m going to introduce you to the Samsung Galaxy S9. Shoot better looking photos and hold a device that’s faster and smarter then most of its competition. The S9 is the fastest Android phone yet, sporting the Snapdragon 845 Processor you’re not going to get a smartphone faster than this one. It’s got Infinity Display and that makes the handset even easier to use with one hand, it’s brighter, smarter and even looks better. If you want to join the Android army, this is the way to sign up. Did I mention that the S9 has speakers that are turned by AKG? That means you’re getting a more robust audio from their stereo speakers. Not only does the S9 look amazing, feel amazing and sound even better. The attention to detail the Galaxy S9 has is awesome and the battery life is outstanding. View life from a new perspective all from the palm of your hand. Grab a Samsung Galaxy S9 online at Catch and never worry about overpaying for the best smartphones ever again.