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The Spectacular Sunbeam Sale!

If you’re all about convenience, Sunbeam may just become your best friend over the coming weeks. Whether you’re a fan of getting creative in the kitchen and whipping up some delicious dishes, or just simply want to enjoy a freshly-brewed coffee every morning, the sky's the limit with Sunbeam. Not only can you browse through a wide range of quality Sunbeam goods here at Catch, but they’re on sale! Ridiculously low prices like these are not so easy to find elsewhere. You could head down to a department or homeware store, trying to find a decent deal on goods like the Sunbeam blender, kettle and deep fryer...or you could grab yourself a cuppa (soon to be brewed by your new Sunbeam coffee machine perhaps?), kick back, and shop from the comfort of your own home! When we think about just how busy our lives are these days, it makes sense to invite Sunbeam into your home. Quick and easy home cooked dinners, smoothies for on-the-go, morning toast before work or school - Sunbeam will streamline those busy days and take a load off your shoulders! So why not browse all that the leader in small kitchen appliances has to offer? Welcome to the Sunbeam sale at Catch - the home of Screamin’ Good Deals.

Master the kitchen with Sunbeam

Today, Sunbeam is a staple brand in households across the globe. But Sunbeam isn’t a new kid on the block - since 1910, this American home appliances brand has created countless products built on hours and hours of research. The goal of “simplifying the lives of everyday Australians” has always remained with Sunbeam, exemplified by cutting-edge, innovative, practical products that give a new meaning to the word “convenience”. Over the years, numerous Sunbeam goods have been hot-sellers among Australian families and convenience-seekers alike. The Sunbeam coffee machines are worth mentioning, because as we all know...Aussies love their coffee! What’s something else we love? Pies! The Sunbeam pie makers will seriously change your life for the better. And we can’t forget about a kitchen essential - the kettle. At Catch, we’ve stocked a variety of Sunbeam kettles at unbeatable prices! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they’re efficient and reliable, providing you with hot water whenever you need it. While you’re waiting for the water to boil, you can pop some bread in a Sunbeam toaster or prepare that grilled-cheese sandwich with the Sunbeam GR8210. Like we said, the sky's the limit with Sunbeam! Now’s your chance to look through the home and kitchen sale at Catch and score some bargains.