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The spectacular Speedo SALE - Explore the online Speedo outlet today!

There’s no denying that swimming is such a great activity in so many different ways. Not only is it a great way to get some low impact exercise in, but splishing and splashing around with friends and family keeps you socially active and boosts your mental positivity! Male or female, competitive swimmer or not, pool fan or beach fan - whatever the case may be, you need some clothing that’s suitable for the water. And Speedo fits the bill. The online Speedo outlet at Catch is the one-stop-shop for all things swimwear - Speedo race suits and caps for the serious swimmers, the Speedo one piece range for all you ladies, and Speedo swim shorts for a casual beach day, you’ll have no trouble finding what you’re after at our massive Speedo SALE.

Why spend excessive time and energy, shopping around and comparing prices, when you can get the best deal right here at Catch? You won’t have to worry about overspending on Speedo bathers and accessories ever again! Check out the Catch Speedo sale today, and you’ll see why we’re raving about it so much.

Speedo goggles, Speedo swim shorts + so much more!

So what exactly does this Aussie icon have to offer? Well, for the kiddies, Speedo has focused on comfort, functionality and safety. The Speedo Swim Seat is the cutest little thing we’ve ever seen; it’s a high quality, laminated PVC floaty seat with safety valves, suitable for munchkins aged 1-2 years. If your little princess or champ is all grown up and ready to hit the waters without floaties, look no further than the Speedo kid’s range. For the boys, Speedo’s got the Wave Watershorts, one of many super cool Speedo bathers for juniors. Not only are they lightweight and easy to move in, the quick-drying fabric comes in handy when you need to go from beach to car seat in a few minutes. No parent likes a wet seat, right?

The fluro pink and orange Girl’s Paddle Suit is about as vibrant as it gets! So vibrant, you could instantly spot your angel in a crowd full of people, at Bondi beach, in the middle of Summer - that’s saying something. Not to mention, it’s made of chlorine resistant fabric and is equipped with UPF rated sun protection. How good is that? To all the adults out there, we haven’t forgotten about you guys. With a beautiful selection of Women’s Speedo one piece swimsuits to choose from, you might even end up grabbing a few. The designs and patterns blow the competition out of the water (yes, pun intended)! The blokes are spoilt for choice too, with all kinds of Speedo swim shorts available in different lengths, fabrics and colours! That’s just the tip of the iceberg. All those awesome Speedo products and so much more are for sale, at Australia’s favourite online shopping destination! Grab your favourite pair of Speedos today and conquer the water!

A deep dive into the world of Speedo

Brought to life by Scotsman Alexander MacRae in 1928, Speedo is synonymous with high performance and athletic prowess. With the introduction of the first classic ‘Racerback’ swimming costume, competitive swimmers were able to swim faster with a more figure-tight and streamlined suit. The 1929 swimming world record set by Sweden’s Arne Borg was achieved in Speedo swimwear, making history that launched a worldwide brand for serious athletes everywhere.

But it wasn’t until Speedo started sponsoring major sporting events such as the 1932 Los Angeles and 1936 Berlin Olympics, that it became a globally recognised brand in the mainstream. Speedo’s innovative, all-nylon material swim trunk was the swimwear of choice for the Aussie men’s swimming team in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. And the result? A whopping 8 glistening gold medals. From that day on, Speedo became the staple swimwear for many. Over half a century on and Speedo has maintained its integrity, consistently producing swimwear that doesn’t skimp on quality. So if you’re looking to stock up on some swimwear from a true Aussie favourite, You’ve come to the right place. Dive in and grab your discounted Speedo gear today, right here at Catch!