Scanpan: More than 50 years of quality

Scanpan cookware began in 1956, and since then has led the way in innovation for cookware. Quality and durability remains at the forefront of the Scanpan cookware range, selling its products globally and delivering user-friendly yet aesthetically pleasing products. Known for its non-stick technology, Scanpan cookware was the first to develop and introduce environmentally friendly coating which is 100% free of PFOA and PFOS chemicals. It is no wonder that Matt Moran, Australia's very own chef, and owner of many successful restaurants, enjoys using Scanpan Cookware throughout his businesses and at home.

Fit for any kitchen

Scanpan cookware comes in a wide range of products such as the Scanpan CTX range, Scanpan impact range and many more! The Scanpan sale never ends at Catch, with products to suit all your needs. Scanpan cookware is produced with cast aluminium and patented ceramic titanium coating, which goes through rigourous production and testing to ensure 100% quality and durability. Scanpan cookware is designed to fit any kitchen, with products that are user-friendly, functional and easy to clean. Scanpan cookware offers products that are feel good, with outstanding cooking properties and are made to live a long life.

The Scanpan Sale never ends

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