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Ray Ban sunglasses SALE - now at Catch!

There’s absolutely no doubt that we all want to look our best. The Ray Ban sale on now at Catch will help you achieve this so easily! It’s amazing what a quality pair of sunnies can do to boost your confidence and have you feeling like a million bucks. The Catch Ray Ban sale includes a wide range of Ray Ban sunglasses, ensuring that you find a pair that suits your tastes and compliments your outfit.

If you’re a fan of bold, colourful Ray Ban sunglasses, the multicolour Club Classic is your match made in heaven. After a more subtle, classic pair? Then you can’t go past the Blaze Round Ray Ban sunglasses. Not only do a pair of sleek sunnies give you that celebrity feeling and look, but they have a functional purpose too. And that’s protecting your precious eyes from the blinding sun. Did you know that Australia has one of the highest UV levels in the world? So whether you’re on the road, going for a stroll or kickin’ it at the beach, it’s safe to say that a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses are essential for optimal eye health. So it only makes sense to check out the massive Ray Ban sale that’s on now at Catch!

The best part is, you can grab yourself a pair 100% online with just a few clicks, and have them delivered straight to your door. The famous Rayban Wayfarer SALE at Catch, is something you really don’t want to miss. Ray Ban sunglasses are exclusive. Ray Ban sunglasses are iconic. Ray Ban sunglasses will never go out of style, emulating fashion and tradition. Ray Ban are for every occasion, and are the perfect pair of sunnies to invest in if you are looking for quality that will last.

Ray Ban has been instrumental in pushing boundaries across a range of cultures. Ray Ban sunglasses are donned by icons and figureheads across industries and have left an undeniable mark on fashion history since their inception. Once you put on a pair of top-notch Ray Ban glasses, you’ll never go back to those flimsy pairs you might have sitting around at home.

Ray Ban sunglasses were introduced to reduce the glare from the sun and altitude sickness experienced by pilots as aircraft technology began to rapidly progress in the late 1920s. Ray Ban sunglasses were implemented to cut out glare, without obscuring vision. The anti-glare technology went on sale to the public in 1937 before being rebranded with a metal frame as the Ray Ban Aviator in 1938. Ray Ban sunglasses quickly took off and became popular with anyone outdoors.

Ray Ban sunglasses continued to implement different lenses for various conditions and began to establish themselves as the leader of the eyewear industry, notably through the launch of one of their main ranges in 1952.

Ray Ban Wayfarers embodied the rise of Hollywood in the 50s and were seen worn on screen by movie legends such as James Dean and Audrey Hepburn. The already recognisable name and boundary-pushing new style truly cemented Ray Ban sunglasses as the pacemaker of eyewear fashion and culture. Ray Ban Wayfarers became one of the most instantly recognisable accessories to rock the fashion industry, and are regularly stocked at Catch. For Ray Ban sunglasses at incredible prices, there’s only one place to shop.