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The ultimate play time with Play Doh kits!

Let your kid’s imagination run wild with the timeless Play Doh sets we have on offer at Catch. The scope of creativity is so wide when you have some colourful, squishy Play Doh in the palms of your hands. Your little ones can cut, tear, roll and mash Play Doh toys to their heart’s content, giving them endless hours of fun! You may even see glimpses of a future sculptor when you leave your child to get creative with Play Doh sets. Even as adults, there’s just something so satisfying about squishing some Play Doh between your fingers, and creating some beautiful (sometimes not so beautiful) pieces of 3D art.

At Catch, we’ve got a whole range of Play Doh kits that’ll keep any munchkin entertained after school, on weekends and during holidays. The best part is, you can grab these Play Doh sets for incredible prices, right here at Catch. The deals we’ve got going on at our Play Doh Toys sale are so good, we won’t be surprised if you decide to grab a few (one for yourself, perhaps?). The fun-filled world of Play Doh awaits!

Play Doh Kitchen sets, starter packs + so much more!

The opportunities are endless when it comes to Play Doh. Let’s kick things off with the Play Doh Rainbow Starter pack. This is a true value pack, containing 8 assorted colours of squishy, never-ending fun. If 8 just isn’t enough and your little one wants to step it up a notch, the Super Color Pack will allow them to do just that. This monster of a pack contains not 10, not 15, but a whopping 20 pots of coloured Play Doh, all stored in a handy carry box! For all the aspiring master chefs out there, the Play Doh Kitchen range will be sure to enhance their culinary skills. From the Pizza Party playset to the Noodle Makin’ Mania Playset, there’s a whole bunch of colours and tools for them to whip up a storm.

At Catch, we’ve also got something for those who love fixing up a super sweet lookin’ treat! The Delightful Donuts Set comes with so many different utensils, your soon-to-be pastry chef can decorate their Donuts in all kinds of ways. Who knows, they might even give Krispy Kreme a run for their money. Just remember, no matter how scrumptious the end result looks, Play Doh isn’t edible. The Play Doh Launch Game is an awesome new way to enjoy Play Doh. This whacky game lets you launch pieces of Play Doh into the Orange Guy can to win, while he flails around and spins wildly. This exciting game is great for kids aged 4 years and over, making it the perfect way to enjoy family night with your young ones, in a whole new way.

Now, if reading about all those Play Doh kits have got you hooked, wait until you check out what else we’ve got on offer at Catch! Discover the world of Play Doh toys at Australia’s number 1 online superstore today. Just to top it all off, the Play Doh set you choose will be delivered straight to your door! It really is that simple when shopping here. Great deals, great service, great Play Doh.

Play Doh: Let your imagination flow!

Did you know that in 2003, Play Doh was added to the Toy Industry Association’s “Century Of Toys” list? This prestigious list showcases the 100 most memorable and creative toys, which just goes to show what a classic and family favourite Play Doh really is. Since entering the world of toys in 1956, Play Doh has sold a staggering 3 million + cans, and counting. Walk into any toy aisle these days, and you’ll be sure to see at least one product form this iconic brand.

But you might have a hard time finding Play Doh for a better price than at Catch. Our Play Doh Toys sale is like no other - a huge variety of Play Doh sets at price points you won’t beleive! Check out the Screamin’ Good Deals Today from the comfort of your own home.