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Paws & Claws Pet Supplies, Accessories & More - Shop Now for Less!

Welcome to pet supplies HEAVEN, where you can buy a range of quality pet supplies, accessories & more at affordable prices! Treat your furry friends to a wide collection of pet supplies, pet beds or pet toys that we’re sure they’ll love. From one animal lover to another, we promise you don’t want to miss our exclusive online SALE for discounted pet supplies from Paws & Claws, conveniently delivered straight to your door at the click of a button! It’s time us pet owners return the unconditional love that our little furry friends give to us - why not spoil your newly adopted pup to a super fun chew toy, or give your sassy kitten a cat tower for a whole day fun? Explore our MASSIVE range of pet supplies and find everything you need in one place, right here at Catch! Discover Paws & Claws for all your go-to pet essentials and more!

Discover Discounted Pet Supplies for Happy Pets & Savvy Owners

Our HUGE stock of Paws & Claws pet supplies includes everything a pet owner could ever want for their adorable bubs. From automatic food and water dispensers to orthopedic pet beds, we got you covered! Did you know cats and dogs sleep at least 12-16 hours per day? Give your fur baby the ultimate relaxation experience with our fine selection of pet beds, designed to keep your pets ultra comfortable and supported throughout their daily nap. We recommend the Paws & Claws Orthopedic Pet Bed for your pet’s optimal health and happiness! Available in a range of different sizes and featuring a soft sherpa surface and faux suede body, this fantastic pet bed is crafted to help relieve pressure points, moulding perfectly to the contours of your pet’s body shape for supreme comfort. It also enhances air circulation to regulate body temperature and evenly distributes their weight across the bed, making it the ideal pet bed for all types of weather conditions! With this special pet bed, your pet will be the luckiest in the world! For a whole lot of fun with your furry friends, our amazing collection of pet toys will keep you and your fur bub entertained for hours. Your cat will go crazy over our Paws & Claws Twin Ball Feather Catnip Toy. Featuring two joined balls with feathers on each end and catnip for added encouragement, this interactive toy is perfect for distracting your cat from scratching or clawing at your precious furniture! This pet toy helps entertain your energetic kitten, while keeping your furniture away from their sharp claws - what more could you ask for? Discover a wide range of durable pet toys, including cat toys, dog toys, tennis balls, chew toys, soft toys & plenty more! Find the perfect one today to surprise your furry friend with a lifetime of fun and waggy tails! Shop Paws & Claws pet supplies on SALE now.

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Check out our amazing online SALE for amazing deals on Paws & Claws pet supplies, accessories & more! You don’t want to miss out on the unbeatable prices we have on a range of pet goodies, pet toys, pet beds and everything in between. Find discounted Paws & Claws pet supplies, right here at Catch - Australia’s favourite online superstore. Keep you, your pet and your wallet happy & shop quality pet supplies on SALE today!