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L’oreal: The global benchmark of quality cosmetics

L’oreal was created by a young French chemist by the name of Eugene Paul Louis Schueller in 1919. Through providing high quality tested cosmetic and hair care products to global customers, L’oreal has grown to operate on a worldwide scale and continues to provide the world’s best men’s and women’s beauty products to lifelong customers everywhere. From shampoos, conditioners and deodorants to lipstick, makeup and anti-aging solutions, the L’oreal brand is synonymous with reliability and quality of product. Catering to both men and women globally, L’oreal products are made to fit the everyday needs of the new man and woman to complement the momentum of hectic modern lifestyles.

High quality products for every need

L’oreal’s unique range of products consists of everything from makeup to deodorant and shampoos to aging creams. Whether you’re a full time cosmetics enthusiast or simply looking for an effortless way to care for your skin without the hassle, L’oreal products are made to fit your everyday needs and make you not only look great, but feel great too. At an affordable price, L’oreal products are made for each and every individual with their own unique lifestyle. Take a look at the huge variety of discounted L’oreal products on the Catch site today - you’ll find everything from Men Expert moisturisers to Color Riche lipstick at awesome prices.

Products that promote global responsibility

L’oreal products are designed through scientific research with an ongoing commitment to finding new ways to make animal testing obsolete. The Body Shop; one of L’oreal’s prized brands is 100% committed to zero animal testing in its product development. Other L’oreal products are driven by the company’s ongoing commitment to invest in finding alternative research methods to animal testing. Since 2006, its research teams have developed methods of artificial skin testing to combat reliance on animal testing.

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