The Ingenuity baby bouncer SALE!

The importance of ensuring that your little munchkin is comfortable, safe and secure, cannot be stressed enough. That’s why baby bouncer seats are considered quintessential during the early stages of life. Ingenuity is at the forefront of producing functional, safe baby products without skimping on quality - because safety is paramount when it comes to raising little ones. Ingenuity delivers intuitive, forward-thinking baby products designed to make everyday life a little easier for all Aussie mums and dads.

From some of the best baby rockers on the market to swings, bassinet baby bases, high chairs, baths, play mats and more, Ingenuity has all corners covered. There are so many benefits to Ingenuity baby bouncer seats, we don’t know where to begin! With your munchkin gently cradled by a baby bouncer seat, you’ll have both hands free - a rarity in child rearing! So you can sit back and relax, or make yourself a cuppa, knowing that your baby is safe at all times. Baby bouncers can also help babies sleep - that’ll be sure to give you peace of mind. We could go on and on, but we’ll let you go check out the Ingenuity bouncer range at Catch! If you’re raising an adorable boy or girl now, or expecting a new addition to the family, you can grab a baby bouncer seat today. Give your little one the flexibility and comfort with the best start in life, for less!

Explore the Ingenuity baby collection, right here at Catch

Here at Catch, we stock a great range of Ingenuity baby products, at prices you won’t find anywhere else. It's worthwhile having a look at the Ingenuity baby seats and high chairs - all designed with convenience in mind, featuring an adjustable recline, safety harness, machine washable seat pad, and auto-locking wheels. The 2-in-1 booster seat allows your baby to sit up higher and see those beautiful beaming faces of every family member sitting around the table. While, the Ingenuity Smartclean Trio 3-in-1 combines the best of 3 worlds - a full-size chair, booster seat, and a toddler chair.

How good is that? The SmartBounce Automatic is one of the most impressive options on the market, providing mums and dads with hands-free bliss, thanks to its 30-minute continuous automatic bouncing function. Ingenuity also provides baby bouncer seats which are designed to soothe your little one with the calming melodies and nature sounds. Play and bedtime is a breeze with Ingenuity’s range of playards, sleepers, and bassinets, all crafted from lightweight, travel-friendly materials. The best part is, we’ll deliver your chosen Ingenuity goods, straight to your door!

Ingenuity - because your baby deserves the best

Founded in 1969, Ingenuity has been putting its creative and innovative spin on baby and toddler products for over 40 years. Utilizing exceptional features like ergonomic design, easy-clean materials, battery-saving technology, and smartphone connection capability, Ingenuity leads the way with a dedication to thoughtful products that truly make an amazing difference. Ingenuity baby seats, bouncers and other products are modern, minimal and most are gender-neutral so you can keep your favourite Ingenuity gear on rotation no matter how your family continues to grow!

Whether it’s a day or night, Ingenuity provides dream products for your little ones to have a blissful sleep. From 3-in-1 high chairs to portable playards, Ingenuity designs multi-functional and eye-catching baby products to make your life easier. Discover the ingenious Ingenuity difference at Catch today - shop our Ingenuity baby bouncers and baby seats on sale now!