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Havaianas: The original rubber sandal

Since their launch in Australia, Havaianas have been a summer footwear essential for men, women and kids alike. Boasting innovative design, sturdy and comfortable Brazilian rubber soles, and a selection of vibrant colourways, Havaianas thongs are synonymous with fashionable Aussie beach culture. Here on Catch, our Havaianas sale is stocked with some of the brand’s most popular styles, from Havaianas Slim sandals for women, to Havaianas Traditional flip-flops with contrast colour straps and sole. Pick up a pair of cheap Havaianas online with Catch today – your feet will thank you!

Over 50 years of Havaianas history

The first pair of Havaianas was invented back in 1962, and was originally based on the traditional, straw-soled Japanese Zori sandal. In 1966, the brand patented the original rubber flip-flop design, complete with that famous Y-shaped strap we all know and love. Havaianas were traditionally only available in blue and white, however, a production error resulted in a batch of green Havaianas – a happy mistake which proved so popular that the brand began producing sandals in more and more colours. Today, the traditional Top style Havaianas are available in more than 15 different shades. Keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting cheap Havaianas styles, right here on Catch!

Styles and colours for men, women and kids

Ever noticed how each pair of Havaianas bears the same textured rubber sole, resembling something along the lines of rice grains? It’s one of many details that helps to distinguish a pair of authentic Havaianas from the competition. Today, the Havaianas range has expanded to reflect the ever-changing nature of fashion, society and our footwear needs. From glamorous Havaianas Crystal flip-flops, to exclusive collaborations with fashion designers, and even a new range of comfy canvas espadrilles, Havaianas are always a step ahead of the latest trends.

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Flip-flops, thongs, sandals – whatever you want to call them, Havaianas are truly at the top of their game when it comes to casual footwear. Shop cheap Havaianas online in Australia here on Catch, and get ready for the most comfortable casual sandals you’ll ever slip into – on sale!