ergoPouch: Giving little ones sweet dreams since 2008

Created by sleep-deprived mum Alina Sack, ergoPouch is made to give your little ones a better night’s sleep, with a range of practical products that keep them comfortable in the nighttime. All ergoPouch products are made using naturally breathable fibers like bamboo, merino wool and organically grown cotton. Innovation drives the design process, with products crafted to fit the needs of both baby and parent, giving young ones the chance to sleep well, so you can get that much needed break when you need it most. Check out a range of ergoPouch products online, right here at Catch!

Sweet dreams from 2-12 months and beyond...

The 3.5 Tog Quilt Sleeping bag is made to keep your baby comfortable, with 3.5 tog rating and a 400+ thread count cotton outer layer. Letting your little one move freely inside the pouch, they’ll be more likely to get a good night’s sleep without feeling restricted in movement. Made from 100% pure organic cotton fibre, this sleeping bag is as comfortable as it is practical, letting your 2-12 month old get the sleep they need.

Independent & comfortable sleep from 4-6 years

The 3.5 Tog Sleep Suit Bag is crafted with natural and breathable material. With a 4-way zip at the front and back and with slip-proof footpads for great grip, this suit is both practical and comfortable. Promoting independent sleep and giving your kids the freedom of movement they need to stay comfortable, ergoPouch sleep suits are the perfect sleepwear for young ones.

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