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Founded in 1987, Dyson produces some of the world’s most innovative machines, including vacuum cleaners, heaters, bladeless fans and hair dryers. Inventing the world’s first ever bagless vacuum cleaner more than 20 years ago, Dyson has been engineering the future ever since, constantly finding unique ways to improve everyday products. Dyson innovations are unbeatable when it comes to quality and performance, but it’s no secret they’re often less than affordable. Fortunately, we’ve slashed prices on a great range of Dyson vacuum cleaners and accessories. Shop Dyson vacuum cleaners on sale with Catch today and save a tonne on top quality household products!

Dyson vacuum cleaners stand the test of time

Back in 1981, Dyson’s founder, James Dyson, purchased a standard household vacuum cleaner and became frustrated by its gradual loss of suction. Upon inspection, he discovered that the vacuum cleaner’s bag was clogging with dust, causing a drop in performance over time. His solution? To create a vacuum cleaner that performed far more efficiently than the current models on the market. Five years and more than 5000 prototypes later, Dyson had invented the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner. No more dirty vacuum bags, no more filters to wash or replace, and always powerful suction. What more could you want? Dyson vacuum cleaners are the total solution.

Today, Dyson’s vacuum cleaner range combines patented cyclone technology with cutting-edge features, offering a model for even the toughest of cleaning tasks. From lightweight design, to powerful suction, articulated handles and quick-release tools, you’ll find a Dyson vacuum cleaner to fall in love with. Shop hand-held Dyson stick vacuums, Dyson cordless vacuums, and the always popular Dyson v6 Animal vacuum on sale with Catch now!