Cards Against Humanity

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The card game that is kick starting parties across the globe, Cards Against Humanity is not for the faint hearted! Simple and straightforward, the game consists of several rounds of one person asking a question from a black card whilst everyone else tries to answer with the funniest, most despicable response from one of the white cards. Grotty, inappropriate but addictively hilarious, Cards Against Humanity is the fun filled party game that you and your friends will fall in love with!

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Whether you’re after a new drinking game or something that will have you in stiches, Cards Against Humanity is the perfect remedy for you and your friends. Politically incorrect, highly inappropriate and horribly awkward, Cards Against Humanity has all the ingredients for spicy evening in. There’s no doubt that this new age card game is turning heads everywhere so get your hands on your very own deck of Cards Against Humanity online today!