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2XU Australia began in 2005 and has since then become one of the most trusted recovery garments around the world, partnering with some of the biggest sporting institutions and teams such as the Australian Institute of Sport, Ironman, the AFL and NBA. 2XU leggings and 2XU compression gear are leading the way in sports recovery wear, developing garments that are light, breathable, flexible and durable. 2XU compression tights have been designed and tested in consultation with major universities and sports scientists around the world, providing high performing sportswear for the elite and the everyday athlete alike.

2XU leggings provide comfort, functionality and advanced fabric technology to support muscles, reduce fatigue and soreness so you can go harder for longer. The moisture management and thermoregulation system in the 2XU compression tights fabric help keep your body cool, enhancing your training experience. So no matter what level you’re at, no matter what your commitment to fitness is, no matter what type of exercise you do...2XU is perfect for you! So it only makes sense to check out our 2XU sale online now at Catch! Why shop elsewhere for 2XU leggings, when you can shop right here and save?

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