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Shop the 2XU Performance Activewear Sale Online Today!

2XU (pronounced “Two Times You”) was founded in 2005 by former triathlon athlete Jamie Hunt and his two business partners, marketing specialist, Aiden Clarke and Australian retail expert, Clyde Davenport. As the name suggests this brand was created to maximise the performance of athletes in running and triathlons by providing real physiological benefits. 2XU has now become the world leader in technical sportswear and has expanded to provide garments for athletes in almost any sport imaginable. If you are looking to improve your sporting performance and speed-up recovery time so you can get out there again! Then 2XU is without a doubt the brand for you. The brand has proven support from athletes worldwide including NBA, AFL and NFL players, Ironman US Navy Seals and Olympians such as Eloise Welling and Brent McMahon, all of which have chosen to train and perform in 2Xu sportswear. Upping your athletic game has never been so cheap with the Catch 2XU sale you could be feeling the effects of these amazing garments by next week!

Multiply Human Performance with 2XU

So we’ve talked a big game, but how does this amazing sportswear actually improve your performance? It’s all in the PWX compression fabric, constructed with a superior circular knit named Invista Sport Lycra; this fabric is 4 times more durable than elastane found in other garments. PWX stands for Power Weight Flexibility, it is powerful in its compression ability, however is lightweight and flexible enough to move with the body. This fabric allows 2XU garments to feature a controlled graduated compression profile from the limb extremity to the top of the limb which encourages blood flow to the heart, reduces blood lactate and increases lymphatic drainage. 2XU garments allow you to train harder, perform stronger and recover faster than any other sportswear brand you could find. You can only benefit! Get your hands on this amazing sportswear now at the 2XU sale.

Backed by scientific research and rigorous testing

However, don’t take our above claims at face value, the garments and their compression ability are backed by over a decade of in-depth research conducted by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and RMIT University. Compression garments are tested by the medical grade Salzmann pressure measurement device and strength and resistance is tested by the Instron tensile strength tester. This sportswear is of the highest quality and has gone through careful and accurate testing to ensure each product performs to multiple your human performance! 2XU also guarantees you will find a garment that fits you as they manufacture each product based on the fit of hundreds of sizes and shapes to ensure garments are the ideal fit for all athletes. No sizing stress from ordering online! If you order a 2XU compression garment today you will not be disappointed, so find what you need and purchase from the 2XU outlet online at Catch.

A product for every athlete

Despite being known for their technical compression sportswear, 2XU also produces a range of other activewear. Find your perfect summer or winter activewear outfit with items such as the men’s or women’s xvent singlets and tees and luxor shorts. If watersport is your thing, 2XU also has an amazing selection of high-performance wetsuits in a range of styles depending on your sport and water temperature including the Propel Pro Wetsuits.