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Ladies travel bag SALE - Catch is where it’s at

Ladies, whether it’s a trip interstate to see the cousins, or a holiday with friends to Paris, travelling is a wonderful way to explore the beautiful world around us, right? And when we travel, we want to take it easy, we want to be stress-free, and we want to have all our possessions safe and secure. But carrying around an old flimsy travel bag with a half-torn strap, or a dodgy suitcase with a broken wheel definitely isn’t going to be a highlight of your trip to any destination! That’s where Catch come into the picture! We offer a wide range of women’s suitcases and travel bags for women, making sure that you can enjoy your trip as much as possible, because you deserve to. We’ve got something for everyone - if you’re a serious traveller looking for multiple women’s suitcases in varying sizes but don’t want to break the bank, then check out our 3-piece suitcases by the Queen of women’s suitcases, Samsonite. Not only is it extremely functional with its 360° spinner wheels, but is super lightweight. Knowing how heavy suitcases can get once we’re done packing, these features are bound to make life easier! If you’re wanting a women’s suitcase that is perfect for a little trip, then the American Tourister 55cm Spinner has your name written all over it. Compact, durable, functional... what more could you ask for? We could keep going, but then you’ll never be able to embark on your journey! So we’ll let you go find the suitcase that’s right for you - right here online at Catch!

Travel bags for women, suitcases + so much more!

Wait! Before you hop on your flight, let us tell you about the abundance of other goods other than bags for women, we’ve got at Catch. Whether it’s makeup for a quick touch up before landing or brushing your teeth at the airport to freshen up, storing these in a stylish toiletry bag is a must have. Brands like Herschel and Shugon have you covered. If you’re taking a laptop on your trip, you can’t leave without a protective laptop sleeve. Florence Broadhurst have some beautiful designs worth checking out! Ever slept on a train, plane or in the car and woken up with a sore neck? Don’t let that happen again with a comfy, squishy neck cushion! For all your travel needs, there’s only one place to shop - Catch! Happy shopping and safe travels!