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Women’s Backpacks - For the Fashionistas, Working Mums, Travellers, Adventurous & More

Discover our collection of women’s backpacks on SALE, right here at Catch! From fashion backpacks to functional backpacks, we’ve got you covered. Find everything you need at our exclusive online SALE - shop women’s backpacks from designer brands including Tony Bianco, Longchamp, Fossil, Michael Kors & heaps more, all at unbeatable prices! We guarantee there’s something for everyone at our fashion backpacks SALE. Whether you need a brand new backpack for work, errand running, going to the gym, hiking or purely for making a fashion statement, then you’ll love exploring our huge range of women’s backpacks. Shop high-quality, stylish backpacks for women at the lowest prices at Australia's favourite place to shop online - Catch!

Carry Your Everyday Essentials in Style with Our Range of Fashion Backpacks

Check out our amazing online sale for women’s backpacks and grab your favourite today at unbeatable prices! We stock a huge range of fashionable, yet functional backpacks for women at discounted prices we promise you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t miss out and shop the backpack of your dreams at our women’s backpacks outlet! For the fashion conscious who love keeping track of the latest trends, we recommend Tony Bianco’s Payton Backpack. This fashion backpack is cute and compact, making it the perfect size for packing only your essentials and nothing more. The pebbled faux leather exterior contrasted against sleek gold accents translates into a luxurious look you’ll look slinging over your shoulder on the daily. Haven’t you heard? Faux leather is totally in style right now! But don’t worry, this faux leather backpack from Tony Bianco is a timeless piece, meaning you won’t have to worry about it ever going out of style. If this backpack isn’t for you, then maybe you’ll love the Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack! This backpack is particularly popular among women, it’s considered an icon of style for women around the world! This chic backpack for women features a foldable design with a zipper fastening to secure your belongings, and adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable wear. The foldable design of this beautiful backpack is designed to give you compact storage - talk about versatility! We recommend wearing this backpack to university or on a cute picnic date - it’s the perfect fashion statement that’s also fully practical! If you’re in need of something more functional, the AKM Waterproof Women’s Backpack is the perfect choice for you. Busy mums, you’ll love hearing about this handy backpack! This women’s backpack features ample space and a multitude of pockets so you can fit an array of items and essentials in different compartments. It’s also waterproof and highly durable so you don’t have to worry about any accidental spills or leakages ruining your backpack. Mums and busy women, we know you need this bag! It’s comfortable, multifunctional and stylish all in one - what else could you ever want in the perfect backpack? Shop a wide range of backpacks for women at Australia’s #1 online superstore, Catch! Don’t miss out on awesome deals on women’s backpacks - fashion backpacks & functional backpacks!

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At Catch, we stock a massive collection of designer backpacks for women. It’s time to throw out your old backpack - we know you need a new one! There’s no better time to shop a brand new backpack for yourself, or someone special, than right now - find your favourite backpack at our exclusive online SALE and buy it today at the lowest price! Start shopping now and save HEAPS!