Women's Uggs & Slippers on Sale

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Women’s slippers and ugg boots - save BIG at Catch!

We at Catch strongly believe you’ll not be disappointed at the number of women’s ugg boots and women’s slippers we have available! Fluffy boots to keep your feet warm for when winter rolls around, lightweight open-toe sandals for the Aussie summer days, and so much more! Let us tell you a little more about our unbelievable product range!

Ugg boots - womens sale on now!

When the cold weather kicks in, your feet are one of the first places you start to feel it, right? Well, don’t make that the case next winter and grab yourself a pair of warm, fluffy boots for a jaw dropping price. We are proud to have have brands like Boutique Retailer and Ozwear Connection women’s ugg range on offer, which feature a sheepskin wool lining. The women’s slippers are easy to slide on, keeping your feet super cosy (those cold bathroom tiles, no thanks!). And the mini, ¾, or long Ozwear Ugg boots, with their precision stitching, are more than durable enough to be a staple piece of footwear to rock outside! With a variety of colours at amazing prices, you might find yourself grabbing a few pairs!

Women’s slippers - A must have for all ladies!

When we approach the warmer seasons, the fluffy, sheepskin wool slippers and ugg boots might not get much of a gig. That’s where we can say hello to open toe sandals, slippers and thongs; a summer essential. Whether it’s a day at the beach or a walk down to the shops, a lightweight, breathable slipper is what you need! Brands such as Atlantis Shoes focus on both support AND style, with their gold metallic Super Comfort Flip Flops.You’ll be sure to love the way these look, the way they feel on your feet. And the best part is, the ugg boot, slipper or sandal that you decide on, will be delivered straight to your door! So what are you waiting for? Shop now and SAVE at Australia’s favourite place to shop online - Catch.