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We’ve all heard that puzzle toys are a pathway to learning problem-solving skills, it’s indeed true! Have you given a thought, why your kids get hooked right away to these mind-boggling puzzles? It’s because puzzles stimulate their cognitive skills. However easy or difficult it may be, even the youngest child will develop a strategy or an approach to reach their goal. Catch has the coolest puzzles for kids, toddlers and teens available at prices you won’t find elsewhere. If your little buddy is a Harry Potter fan, then grab the Winning Moves 1000-Piece Harry Potter Hogwarts Puzzle for him/her. The Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle is challenging and entertaining at the same time. Select Gryffindor or Slytherin because this puzzle is no less than a game of Quidditch. Shop more such puzzle toys for your kids now from Aussie’s no.1 online superstore- Catch!

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Which movie is your little princess’s favourite? Cinderella, Snow-white or Beauty and the Beast? Well, we guess all these movies are your angel’s favourite, aren’t they? If so, then this is your chance to buy Disney themed puzzles online for a lot less. Yes, it’s true our range of kids toys is on sale! Explore the ravishing world of Cinderella by playing with the Disney Memories Cinderella Puzzle 1000pc Collectors Edition. Your baby girl can play with this puzzle and relive all her favourite moments from her beloved Cinderella movie. The collateral benefit of puzzle games is, kids can play in groups or with their buddies. It’s a great way to promote cooperative play. For instance, kids will take chances, help each other and overall develop their sprouting social skills. Don’t wait any longer, shop puzzle toys & games for kids 100% online at Catch!