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A Book makes a better gift than a bouquet, especially if you’re on a hunt for the best gift for kids! Children’s books are always appreciated by parents and kids alike. Picture predominant books are perfect for toddlers - they introduce kids to the world of imaginative stories and eye-catching visuals. These books entertain, inform and educate all at once, which means before you realise, your little ones have started using their brains. Check out the Kathy Ireland A Big Kid Book Set - this wonderful set encourages kids to take on the big challenges in life like toilet training, in a fun and playful way. With cute characters that little ones can relate to, these books will be asked for again and again… and again. So what are you waiting for? Buy kids books online from Catch at super low prices and make sure your little one learns everything that the world of books has to offer.

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All kids love to listen to bedtime stories from their parents. In fact, bedtime stories are like a daily regime for kids and they really look forward to hearing about fairies, kings, queens and superheroes every night before they go off to sleep. My Treasury Of Fairytale Stories Book is a perfect pick for introducing your little ones to the world of magic and miracles. Packed with all-time classics from Hans Christian Anderson to the Brothers Grimm, this book is perfect to have in the bookshelf come story time. If your kids are about to step into their teens, get them a full set of Harry Potter books. Harry Potter and his magical Hogwarts experiences will keep them entertained. Now’s your chance to shop amazing story books for kids online at Catch!

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Raise your hand if you love dragons! If you’re hand is up, then you need to go check out the LEGO Elves’s Dragon Adventure Book right away. We bet you’re already in love with it! Join Emily Jones and her friends as they fight to save Elvendale from Ragana the Elf Witch. In this magical activity book you can read an enchanting story, solve puzzles and meet fascinating new creatures along the way. Let the adventures begin guys! Shop Lego books online now and save BIG - only at Catch, the Home of Screamin’ Good Deals.