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Trampolines and Accessories on SALE

Have you been searching for your perfect trampoline? Look no further than right at Catch! We have an amazing range of trampolines and accessories for all your bouncing needs. You won’t even believe how easy it is to have one of your trampolines set up in your backyard. All you have to do is sit on your couch, scroll through the pages of options, choose one and it will be delivered straight to you ready for quick and easy assembly! Our huge range of trampolines may just leave you stunned. We have mini trampolines, spring free trampolines, massive trampolines and all the accessories you could dream of! Discover your newest fitness accessory with the Workout Wiz Indoor Fitness Trampoline. Entertain the kids for hours on school holidays with the massive Everfit 10Ft Trampoline. Ensure trampoline safety with Kahuna Kids Safety Anti-Slip Socks! Whatever you need from the trampoline world, we have at Catch on Sale!

Safety First with Springfree and Netted Trampolines

We all know trampolines can be dangerous. Especially, with young kids who can be just a little bit clumsy. But don’t worry, at Catch we have a wide selection of safety trampolines! Springs can cause terrible wounds to the skin and the layers beneath if landed on. And falling off a trampoline can result in head injury or broken bones. Of course, these aren't extremely likely to occur but if you prefer to take extra precaution we suggest checking out our range of trampolines with nets and without springs. These trampolines are surrounded by strong netting which rebounds if fallen into and use angled poles under the jumper surface to create bounce. You even get more jumping space with spring free trampolines as there is no room taken up by springs! Give yourself peace of mind and protect your children with one of these trampolines. Catch has a wide collection of safety trampolines all on sale now and waiting for you!

Fitness and Fun - All-in-one!

Did you know jumping on a trampoline is not only fun but it is also a great exercise and fitness method? Well, they are! It is definitely a lot of fun but also burns calories, gets your heart rate up and builds muscle. Jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes a day has been proven to build strength, improve heart health, balance and stability. It is a great form of exercise as it doesn’t feel like exercise when you are doing it. Instead, you get to feel like a child all while improving your health, how good is that! To achieve these amazing results you can either purchase an average trampoline for the backyard that both you and the kids can enjoy. Or you can check out our range of fitness trampolines which take up much less room and are designed for indoors, with a built-in bar to hold onto. Whatever you prefer we guarantee you will find it at an amazing price at Catch, so don’t miss out, head on over now and begin bouncing!