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Portable Hydration - Buy Drink Bottles on SALE Today!

Often find yourself feeling thirsty during the day? Does your current drink bottle constantly leak in your bag? Looking to upgrade your old water bottle? Then you’ve come to the right place! At our exclusive online SALE, you can find a wide collection of quality drink bottles for every occasion - including water bottles, sports bottles, infuser bottles, stainless steel water bottles & heaps more. Staying hydrated throughout the day is extremely important for our everyday health. Drinking water helps regulate our body temperature, keep joints regulated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep our organs functioning properly. Ever wondered why your brain feels foggy in the middle of the day? It’s probably because you’re dehydrated! Being well-hydrated improves cognitive function and mood. That’s why it’s important to carry a drink bottle with you wherever you go! At Catch, we’re proud to offer a wide range of quality drink bottles from trusted brands at the lowest prices, including Nike, Sistema, Oasis, Adidas, Puma & plenty more. Find your favourite one today and shop discounted drink bottles online, right here at Catch!

H2O for When You’re on the Go - Drink Bottles on SALE

Our amazing online sale for premium drink bottles can be used for a variety of beverages - whether you’re looking for a drink bottle that keeps your ice cold water chilled, or your infused tea water from tasting gross and metallic, we’ve got you covered. For those who like to keep active and are always on the go, we recommend the Nike Big Mouth Water Bottle, available in a range of different colours! With a push-pull spout for easy drinking whenever you’re on the move, this sporty drink bottle features a squeezable ergonomic design, an easy-grip screw cap, and the iconic Nike Swoosh logo for stylish appeal. Designed for biking, running, hiking, this water bottle will be your ultimate go-to. If you want to drink the recommended 8 cups of water per day, then the Russel Athletic 2L Drink Bottle is the perfect choice for you. The BPA free design of this mega drink bottle features a sipping schedule to help you stay on track & hydrated, and a hygienic flip cap and easy grip handle that allows for easy guzzling! You’ll never be dehydrated again with this jumbo sized drink bottle! If you have no time to enjoy a quick cup of coffee at home, the Thermos Vacuum Insulated Drink Bottle allows you to bring it to work! With its double-wall vacuum insulation, this stainless steel water bottle will surely keep your coffee perfectly hot even after long hours of meetings. And don’t worry, this awesome stainless steel water bottle is BPA free so you can avoid the nasty, metallic flavour in your beverage. Find a wide collection of quality drink bottles, water bottles, infuser bottles, stainless steel water bottles & so much more, right here at Catch! On SALE now!

Reusable Water Bottles - Good for You, Good for Earth

Take advantage of our amazing online SALE today for discounted water bottles - it’s always a good time to get hydrated! Find a variety of bottles in different styles, sizes and colours for every occasion - whether you’re on the run, doing yoga, at work or on the bike, we’re sure to have the perfect bottle for you. Explore our online SALE now and buy your favourite drink bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day!