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Check Out Men’s Watches on Sale

The number of men’s watches out there can be daunting if you’re in search of a watch for you or a loved one. With a multitude of brands and designs, it’s unsurprising that your hunt for the perfect watch may just leave you scratching your head. Luckily for you, we’re here to help! We’ll share with you our tips on how to choose the right and best watch for you. Here at Catch, we’ve got a great range of brands for you to choose from. From Tommy Hilfiger, Nixon, Casio and heaps more, you’re spoiled for choice. Not only that, we offer fast and easy delivery. What more could you ask for? So if you’re looking for the best watches in Australia, you’re at the right place!

How to Choose the Perfect Watch for You!

When shopping for a new watch, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, the budget. How much are you willing to spend? Keep in mind that just because a watch is at an exorbitant price, it doesn’t mean that it’s of exceptional quality. Next, consider the ideal mechanism of your perfect watch. The mechanism is what makes a watch tick. On one hand, you have quartz, where movements are regulated by a piece of quartz and powered by a battery. On the other hand, there are mechanical movements in which the most common type is the automatic. Automatic watches are engineered to harness kinetic energy, which stays powered every time you move your wrist. Another thing to keep in mind is the size of a watch. If you have smaller wrists, look for a watch with a case diameter between 34-40mm. For those on the other end of the spectrum, a case diameter up to 46mm is ideal. Besides that, you may want to take into account the type of straps out there. Metal straps are more masculine and chunky, while leather straps are timeless and minimalist. While there are a variety of watch styles out there, here are 5 styles that every man should know of: dress watch, racing watch, field watch, aviator watch and diving watch.

The Different Types of Watches You Should Know About

Being a jewellery-like timepiece, a dress watch is typically made of precious metals. Because it’s often worn with a suit and dress shirt, it’s important to look for one that is sleek enough that it won’t get stuck in the sleeve of your shirt. Good racing watches are defined by the chronograph and tachymeter. The former can be used as a stopwatch, while the latter is used to calculate time and distance. A field watch can be used in low-light or night conditions and often features high contrast between the face and numbering, to ensure it can be seen clearly. The aviator watch, also known as the pilot’s watch, is essentially a repurposed field watch. Just like a field watch, it features a high-contrast black dial with white numbering, along with multiple dials that relay important info to pilots. Last but not least, the diving watch, the crème de la crème. While it’s built for divers, surprisingly, most dive watches never even touch the water. It has a rugged construction with luminous details and a unidirectional bezel, all the characteristics that make a handsome watch!

Time to Shop the Men’s Watch Sale!

Now that you’ve covered the bases on choosing the right watch, it’s time to browse our selection of men’s watches available on deck. If you consider yourself a minimalist, perhaps a simple timepiece from Winstonne would be right up your alley. For those who love chunky watches, have a browse through Casio G-Shock range. Maybe your signature style screams luxe and sophistication, we have just the thing! We have a great range of luxury watches at prices you won’t find anywhere else. From brands like Raymond Weil and Seiko, your options are endless. Have a look at our offerings! You won’t regret it.