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Baby dental care | Get oral care products for your baby online!

Oral care is absolutely crucial in your kids’ health care regime. Healthy teeth and gums are vital for children's overall health - as a parent, it can be so difficult to see your little ones in pain. Don’t worry, our range of online teething products will make your little one’s teething a more pleasant experience! Check out Bonjela - a pleasant tasting gel that provides fast-acting, soothing relief from the pain and discomfort that comes with infant teething. Applying this gel on your baby’s gums will soothe the pain and get them feeling more comfortable in no time. Also, teething toys are super popular amongst toddlers who are in the teething phase.

Ever heard of teething toys? Well, teething toys make the painful process that all kids have to go through more friendly. The Gorgeous Sophie Giraffe Teething Ring comes beautifully presented in a gift box and is crafted to last even the strongest toddler bite! Featuring a soft model for a more advanced teething period, Sophie Giraffe is ideal for soothing painful gums. Made from high quality, 100% natural rubber, this lightweight two-ring design makes it easy for small hands to hold and play, while relieving aching gums. What more could you want?

Shop kid’s oral hygiene and baby dental care products online!

Your little treasure’s dental care is one of the most important pillars of their health. A healthy oral environment can play a significant role in your child’s life. Right here at Catch, you’ll find all your go-to baby dental care goodies for less! We’ve got you covered with products needed in maintaining your baby’s oral health - all at amazing prices. While those tiny teeth are emerging, your little one will need tooth and gum wipes. Dr. Brown’s Natural Tooth and Gum Wipes are a fluoride-free product safe to swallow. It gently cleans your baby's gums and teeth, establishing a healthy dental care routine that lasts a lifetime. The product is Naturally derived and free from alcohol and parabens. So, shop now to make sure your little one stays healthy!