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BBQ accessories - BBQ tools, BBQ covers + more!

Some questions you may have when bringing home a new BBQ are: what are the best BBQ tools? And where do we buy them from to get the best deal? Well guess what? We’ve got you covered! Catch has sorted out the best BBQ utensils for you, including warmer pots, BBQ spatulas, cooking rings, bbq tongs, digital thermometers, BBQ covers and many more! We know the majority of you LOVE to save your hard-earned cash on finest products online so we’ve gathered all the suitable BBQ tools that are sure to be well within your budget. Shop now and save BIG!

BBQ Tool Kits on Sale at Catch

Planning a BBQ party this weekend but yet to get your BBQ tools? Don’t worry! Let us help you out with the Gasmate Ultimate Premium 11-Piece BBQ Tool Kit so you can cook all of your yummy, delicious barbeque favourites the right way. Guaranteed to cook every steak, fish, chicken, skewer and vegetable perfectly, this stainless steel BBQ kit features a specifically shaped fish turning spatula, a cleaning brush,basting brush, plus heaps more! In addition to this, if you’re looking for sharpen your knife to cut those steaks, then grab this Water Stone Whetstone Knife Sharpener for significantly less than what you’d expect! Just remember to soak it in water first for 15 minutes. Did you know, Catch also stocks Korean BBQ Plate Grill Pans? Now you can grill Samgyupsal, Galbi, and other types of meats and fish popular in Korea. It’s truly is a fun way to have a BBQ party with friends and family. This Korean BBQ Plate can be placed on stove tops or on portable burners and most have a well-built draining system to collect excess oil and fat, minimizing oil splashing while grilling. The Clock is ticking, so don’t wait longer! Explore the barbeque sale at Catch today and save big bucks!