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Meal prep ideas!

Struggling to sort your meals for the week? Don’t have the right kitchen utensils? Have no fear because our food prep SALE is here! From chopping boards to salad spinners and everything in between, our meal prep products online will make your life that little bit easier when organising the snacks and lunches for you and your family! Let us run you through some easy meal prep ideas that are super healthy and packed with awesome flavours! Try out preparing delicious cilantro lime chicken meals by mixing corn, black beans, rice. Chicken fillet and a half a lime for a flavour explosion that’s perfectly refreshing for those hotter summer months. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to keep away from the meats try preparing sweet potato taco meals that combine rice, corn, sweet potato and pickled red onions for the ultimate western flavoured meal box. Whatever type of cuisines you prefer, grab all your essential meal prep utensils online from Catch!

Enjoy healthy snacks with our fruit slicers

Ideal for the kid’s lunches, our fruit slicers online are the handy and healthy meal prep utensils. Gourmet Kitchen is the brand that leads the charge here with high performing fruit and veg prep tools such as the Gourmet Kitchen Slicer Dicer Pro which is a multi-purpose set capable of cutting veggies, fruits, cheeses and sausages into neatly assorted pieces for you to store away. For all your slicing and dicing food prep needs, Catch has you sorted!

Chop Chop Chop away!

Every great meal prep is aided by durable chopping boards that are easy to clean and stow away. Take the Gourmet Kitchen Granite Marble Effect Cutting Board as an example, this food prep essential combines both style with convenience for a perfect chopping experience! Shop our chopping boards online today for all your next meal prep ideas – only at Catch!