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Home decor ideas for every house in our huge home decor sale!

Whether you’re looking for a stylish lamp illuminate your living room, or some pillar candles for some old school lambency, our home decor sale is guaranteed to brighten up your life! We stock only the best brands, including scented candles from the Fine Fragrance Company, Laser projection units from Lennoxx and vibrant neon decorations from LIT! If you’re feeling festive or summery, contemporary or vintage, our selection of home decor is designed to revivify your living space!

Check out affordable home decor - inspire creativity with our huge selection!

Home decor isn’t just about filling space with trinkets. Your decorative pieces combine to make a statement, an aesthetic mood that speaks to your personal style and tastes. If you’re at one with nature, then perhaps some ferns and bamboo plants will represent your green-fingered world view. Or maybe you can’t get enough of vintage sophistication? Our range of distressed, old-school furniture, ornaments and art work is guaranteed to add some instant vintage chic to any home. Our enormous selection means you don’t keep having to look around for a unifying theme. Catch has everything you need in one covenient location.

House decorations | Shop stylish wall art that makes impression!

If you’ve been gazing at that blank bit of wall wondering how to shake things up then Catch is the place to be. Our home decor sale includes an enormous range of gorgeous canvas wall art, triptych paintings, sophisticated clocks, vibrant photo frames and more! If you don’t know what kind of artistic flavour you want to bring to your home, then our vast selection is sure to get the creative juices flowing. Browse some of our art online, including classic paintings, sweeping landscapes and awe-inspiring snapshots of nature, and you are sure to find the piece that has always been destined for that blank space.

Need gift ideas? Our home decor ideas are perfect for special occasions!

If you’ve got a housewarming or birthday coming up - or even if the countdown to christmas has you stuck for ideas - then check out our home decorations. We have vintage posters for movie buffs, calendars for pop affocianados and nature lovers alike, photo frames for those who know family comes first and gorgeous blown vases for people who appreciate a bit of elegant style. If you’re lacking gift inspiration then look no further for a range of gorgeous, affordable ornaments that are tailor made for the people in your life!