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From our famous martini glass range to homely coffee mugs, we have all your glassware under the one roof! Impress your dinner guests or that hot date with our Schot Zwiesel 6 Pack Crystal Vina Red Wine Glasses which is the professional wine glass for any fine dining experience. However, if you’re more of a Scotch on the rocks type of drinker our cocktail glasses range is full of sophistication such as the RCR Fire 6-Piece Whiskey Glass Set that adopts a modern yet timeless style for you to sip upon. Whatever type of drink you prefer, we have a glass set for it – only at Catch!

Enjoy all the best glassware brands!

Our glassware range isn’t mucking around, full of all the best in the business including Gourmet Kitchen, Casa Barista & Noritake! Take Gourmet Kitchen as an example, famous for their trendy and useful kitchenware that is designed to make your life easier! Don’t miss out on our glassware SALE online and shop all the premium brands – cheers!

Tea anyone?

There’re many relaxing ways to enjoy hot tea but few better than sipping from our range of tea glasses and cups online! Let’s run through some of our suggested herbal teas that you simply must try. First up is our favourite Chamomile Tea which is made from the Chamomile flower and has been known to reduce menstrual pain and even treat diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. On par with Chamomile Tea in terms of health benefits but with arguably better taste is everyone’s favourite Peppermint Tea which offers a refreshing flavour that will start your day off on the right note! Whatever kind of tea you prefer, we have glassware and tea cups available in stock for you to enjoy!