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USB Powerboards Have Landed

Never let your friends run out of charge again when they’re over. The Sensai 8-outlet Power Board includes a 4-port USB charging station. There’s nothing worse then when the crew gets together for a night and there isn’t enough ports to charge all the smartphones that are around. Now with Sensai you can have phones charging through the station and then use the USB ports to charge the others, how sick is that? Suitable for smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, GPS systems, televisions, gaming consoles + everything else you can think of. Surge and overload protected for your safety, you’re going to love owning this piece of revolutionary tech!

Smart Powerboards on Sale

Tidy up all your cords and charging station with a simple solution by Safemore. The 3-level VPS Origen Plus Power Board is a game charger in organising your cords. Make your home or office that bit more tidier in a cinch from a design that hasn’t been seen before. Providing energy saving efficiency while the built-in surge protection charges your devices safely as promised. This charging station has 10 Australian outlets and 4 USB charging ports, that means you’ve got so much room to add more devices. Sporting power switches, this charging station means if you’re only using 1 side of the tower, you don’t have to have power to the other. Helping you save power which in sense, helps you save your cash. Made from fire retardant material and weighing in under 800 grams, this light weight, safe charging tower is something all homes or office’s need.