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Rechargeable Batteries at Catch for Less!

Almost every item we own around the house that’s portable needs batteries, especially if you have children. When so many items around the house need them, they can become costly in the long run and that’s why rechargeable batteries are where it’s at! The Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable AA Batteries are at and you can score ‘em for a Screamin’ Good Deal! If you care about the environment and care about your hard earned cash then rechargeable batteries are what you need. We all need batteries but when you’re having to change them so often you harm the environment and your pocket. Panasonic has introduced their own rechargeable batteries and they’re high performance and long-lasting even in your most-drain-intensive devices. They can even hold a charge for up to 5 years while in storage. But then when you actually finally run out of juice, you just have to recharge them and use them again! Your wallet and nature will thank you for this investment that’s for sure!

Score a Deal on Lithium Batteries!

If you’re looking for a long lasting battery that goes above and beyond the standard? Allow us to introduce the Camelion Lithium Button Cell Battery! Perfect for watches, car keys, calculators, hearing aids and cameras as well as other devices you have around the house. If you’re sick of changing those normal, standard run-of-the-mill batteries because it happens so often then you need these in your life. Because with Camelion you won’t have to change the batteries ever again! Sporting some of the best leading-edge technology, this cell provides a long-lasting, reliable power to any of the devices it’s compatible with. Aren’t you sick and tired of overpaying for your lithium batteries everywhere else you shop? Here at Catch, we’ve got some of the best deals online ever and that’s why we’re Australia’s favourite place to shop online! - Shop at, Australia’s No.1 online superstore!