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If you’re someone who is into videography and you’re looking at stepping up your game and pushing yourself in a different direction, we’ve got something for you. Take your filming skills to a level untouchable, the sky is your limit! The DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo Drone is built with a 4K camera and a sturdy build. This marvel piece of equipment has been engineered with a minimalist design and is easily the best of the DJI Mavic series. Powerful, portable, foldable, all these small features you’ll love. This drone is purely designed to soar through the sky while you’re filming the amazing scenery. With a maximum flight range of 10km, you can capture unbelievable imagery at the push of a button. Capture true 4K video at 30FPS while recording at 100Mbps to capture of True UHD. Film your unforgetting moments in slow-motion and if your memory card happens to fill up during a flight you won’t have to worry because there is an 8gb built-in memory card on the drone! Score a DJI Drone today and show the world how serious you take your craft! - Catch.com.au

Mini-Drones on Sale Daily!

Are you looking at getting into the drone world but you’re a little set back from the price tags some of the drones have? We all know that in this world the best things don’t come cheap unless you shop with us and grab a Screamin’ Good Deal! Allow me to introduce to you the best mini-drone there is. The Aerix VIDIUS - The World’s Smallest FPV Quadcopter. This crazy drone flies up to 100 feet away and during that it can do 360-degree flips and rolls while streaming and recording live video! Running through the VIDIUS Drone App you can stream the live video to social media, blogs, messaging, emails + loads more! While flying this mini-drone, you’re the one in the piolets seat, you’re in charge and you decide where the drone flies and what it does to get there. If you’re looking to at getting into the piolet life but you like most of us, you want to start small then a mini-drone is exactly what you need to get the ball rolling. Control the awesome VIDIUS Done right from the palm of your hands. Grab some of the best footage or stream it live on social media for your mates to watch!