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External, Portable Drives + More at Catch!

If you’re in the market for a new external hard drive because you’re looking to add some more space to your computer at home then you’re in luck! Here at Catch.com.au we’ve always got some of the best Screamin’ Good Deals that you know and love. Grab a 1TB Hard Drive and store all your favourite music, photos and videos in the one place. Take the portable drive with you everywhere you go and never have to pick up a USB again! Add some more space to what you already own and you’ll love yourself for it. A portable hard drive makes life so much easier when you’re travelling to and from work or school. Now you’ll always have the data you need with you everywhere you go! Score yourself a Screamin’ Good Deal every single day of the week. Welcome to Catch - Australia’s favourite online superstore!

HUGE SAVINGS! - Portable Drives at Catch!

Looking for the right storage for your smartphone or digital camera? What about a MicroSDHC Portable Drive that is built for full HD video and is known to give ‘em that boost of reliable memory you crave? The Samsung 256GB Class 10 EVO is designed to show off its ultra-fast reading and writing speeds with the ability to transfer a 3GB video in just 38 seconds! It’s even got 4-proof protection and comes included with an SD adapter for those state-of-the-art, quick and perfect computer transfers. This awesome little guy is perfect for adding that extra storage to your smartphone. Forget the days of having to delete photos, apps and other documents off your phone because you wanted to take some more flicks. We’ve all been there and it’s the worst when you’re out and about or if you’re travelling and don’t have access to your computer. Now, you’ll never stress again because you’ve got 256GB of storage! That’s over 20,000 photos - That’s a lot of selfies and shots for the ‘Gram! Now you can rest well knowing that your favourite memories and moments from all around the globe are safe and sound. The best part about it all is that you scored a Screamin’ Good Deal from Catch.com.au and didn’t overpay for that extra bit of storage space!

External Hard Drive Sale at Catch!

Have you ever needed to add some data storage to your computer right then and there? Imagine a world where you could just add it instantly to your computer when you need it. The Seagate 3TB Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive is the solution to all your data storage problems. Now if you’re someone who collects movies, photos, videos and more you won’t have to stress about where to store them. You’ll have all the space you need and you can just plug it in and drag and drop. It’s that easy! This external hard drive is perfect if you swap and change computers commonly or you need to bring your work with you everywhere and don’t have access to a work computer at home. Now you will never have to stress about having no storage space again! Always make sure you’re getting the best deal there is & shop online at Catch.com.au to SAVE!

Everything for Your Portable Drive Needs!

If you’re someone who owns a fair few memory cards due to work or hobbies you’re going to love this. We’ve got a Screamin’ Good Deal on a Memory Card Case! It’s portable and has 16 lots for all your Micro SD cards and more! It’s made of ABS Plastic casing, includes the use of a TPU Super Load Bearing, it’s even got a super-sealed one-peice cover bucker with superier sealing. Perfect for all your portable drive needs, you’ll never loose ‘em again! Spare your hard earned cash and never overpay for the things you need again!