USB Drives for Less!

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Perfect for School! - USB Drive SALE!

Now that we’re in a new year, it’s time to stock up on the little bits of tech we need. Every year it’s great to re-stock on USB drives for school, you shouldn’t have to delete your old university assignments before it’s a new semester or new year. If you scored yourself a great mark on it, why not keep it for further reference when you’re applying for jobs in the future! Alas, the SanDisk Ultra is here and it gives you a whopping 128gb of storage. Just in case you aren’t sure how much 128gb is, if your phone can hold 128gb it can hold up to, 56,998 photos, 18,000+ songs, 5,000+ apps and about 2000+ games! Now imagine all that space simply for your work at university? You’d never, ever have to buy another USB Stick again! You could even store some of your favourite music on there and your photos. You wouldn’t have to worry about space because you’d just have so much of it! Always make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, grab yourself nothing but Screamin’ Good Deals at the best prices online. Shop online at - Australia’s favourite online superstore!

USB Memory Sticks for Work!

Most of us these days take our work home with us. We try and spend more time with the family and when the little ones go to sleep we get back on our laptops or home computers and work away to be ahead for the coming day. If you’re someone who does their works on projects from a home computer then brings in the final result to work, you have a few USB Drives around the office. If that’s the case then isn’t it about time you had one USB Memory Stick that you could trust? One that you could use simply just for transferring projects from home to work? The EMTEC B250 Slide 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive is about to be your new best friend. It’s convenient and reliable and it makes it just so much easier to transfer your data storage. Hold everything you need in your fingertips with the slide-to-open system. Made with USB 3.0 means it's so much easier and quicker to transfer your data across and store all the multimedia files in the one place. The USB is also sporting a link so you can attach it to your keychain and never stress about forgetting it at home or work! How awesome is that? Sick of overpaying for USB’s online? Welcome to Catch - Australia’s Number 1 Online Megastore!

Score a USB Online for Less Today!

Do your weekends consist of going out on the town, DJ-ing behind the decks at local hotspot nightclubs? Do you make your own club music or do you store other music and take it with you and need something reliable to store it on for those gigs? Imagine having a USB that could store up to 18,000+ songs, you’d never need another USB again because you’d have so much room for more and more! A 128gb USB Memory Stick is going to be more than enough if you’re DJ-ing around town. You’re going to be able to store away some of the best bangers and other party tunes the crowd are going to love dancing too. If you’re serious about getting the party started then you need the right gear to do so. Grab a bargain on a USB Memory Stick from and never miss out on Screamin’ Good Deals again!