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Huge PC Accessories on Discount!

Do you ever wish you could expand your wireless network at home? It’s annoying when you just want to relax in a certain of the house but you can’t because the Wifi doesn’t reach, and there’s nothing worse than a slow connection. The TP-Link Universal WiFi Range Extender will completely change your online experience. Forget the days of having to be in certain rooms of your house to use the wireless network. Now you can find the best spot in the house with the TP-Link’s Smart Signal Indicator. Forget about testing and failing, use the Smart Signal Indicator to do all the hard work for you. Now you can sit outside and enjoy the sun while you steam your favourite show online. If you’re ready for a better connection and you think it’s time you started getting better deals when you shop online then welcome to Catch! Australia’s no.1 online megastore with the best deals for you!

Computer Supplies & Accessories for Less!

Keeping your power cords and those essential devices connected or fully charged is now made 100% easier with the TP-Link USB 3.0. Sporting a 3-port hub and gigabit ethernet adapter and USB adapter. This small, compact yet larger than life piece of tech packs a heavy punch and is suitable for so many device add-ons. Free up one of those well-needed USB ports on your computer or laptop and working smarter not harder thanks to Catch! Stop overpaying for everything you need and want, shop online at & breath in the savings!