Camera Accessories

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Camera Accessories at Catch!

If you’re someone who enjoys going out and taking a snapshot of the world around you then you’re going to love the offers we’ve got on sale. Our entire range of camera accessories are online and are going quick! Grab all those extra, awesome add-on accessories for your camera and increase your skills by the second. If you’ve got a GoPro and you’re looking at taking it with you on your next mountain bike ride, we’ve got you covered. Score yourself the GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount and grab a shot of your entire ride. Now you can go back and watch everything you did on the ride and relive the magical moments of nature. You can show your friends and loved ones or even post the footage online to your favourite socials. Or maybe you’re trying to capture the perfect kick-flip or any other extreme activity with your GoPro. The GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp holds your GoPro in a secure position and allows you to have it clamped to objects that are around you. Accessorise your favourite camera of choice without breaking the bank and overpaying elsewhere. Always know you’re getting the best deal possible from Australia’s favourite place to shop online -!

Protect Your Camera with a Camera Case!

If you own a GoPro then you’re most likely someone who enjoys getting outside, living that thrilling, on-edge life in the great outdoors. Sometimes while you’re out there getting footage of those kick-flips or waves you fall and you may damage your GoPro. We’re here to help you prevent that. No one wants to damage their GoPro while they’re out getting footage overseas or somewhere far from home, that would be the worst. Ta-da, the GoPro HERO3+ Protective Lens & Covers are on sale right now! An extreme price for this must-have GoPro accessory. Protect your lens and carry your replacement battery door, side door, and a standard housing lens cover on you at all times. Simply keep the extras in your carry case or bag and never stress again about having to replace what’s broken!

Awesome Camera Accessories for Traveling!

Traveling overseas and looking to vlog your adventures for a video diary to rewatch someday in the future? Get that perfect angle that you’ve been aiming for and capture those awesome moments while you’re traveling around the globe. Sporting a anti-slip handle, a lightweight, portable and easy-to-carry body, a wrist strap for added safety, this Extendable Digital Camera & GoPro Selfie Stick stretches out to 108cm! Get more friends in the photo or grab more scenery in the background. Easy to install and remove your camera, this selfie stick will be your must-have camera accessory every time you go traveling.