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Vinyl Record Players Price Cut!

If you’re a Catch shopper, then you already know you’re getting the best price cuts and markdowns known to the Australian interwebs. With brand new deals every single day, we’ll continue to give you the best deals in the country and always keep you happy with whatever product you’re scoring. If you’re like us, and you love vinyl records, but you don’t have a vinyl record player, then you’re in luck! Catch has some Screamin’ Good Deals on Vinyl players right now that you really don’t want to miss! The mBeat 2in1 USB Turntable & Cassette Digital Recorder has landed on the Catch shores, and it’s now more affordable than ever. Low-Fi Audio meets modern day tech, sporting a classic wooden style PVC veneered case, this record player has that authentic, retro look and feel. It even features analog-to-digital, which means that using its transfer function, you can play those kick-ass classic tunes in a whole new way! It plays 7”, 9” and 12” records - that means you can play almost anything you want on this record player. Now you can convert those old cassettes and vinyl records into MP3 files on your computer and store them on your smartphone or burn them to CD. For true fans of great music, it doesn't’ get much better than this.

SALE – Record Players with Speakers!

If you’re looking to add some sweet décor inspired from the 50s and early 60s era then Catch has exactly what you need. The Crosley Gig Turntable is inspired and based on furniture from the 50s and 60s, sporting a minimalistic design with rounded edges, a faux wood finish and a matte-black face for that real ol’ school feel. Including 3 knobs on the front that allow you to simply crank up the volume, adjust the pitch and switch between vinyl, AUX-in or Bluetooth. Yeah, you read that right, this record player has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, how groovy is that? Play that funky music and boogie the night away!

Vinyl Record Players + Much More

Are you sick of trying to find a solid deal on a vinyl player, but you haven’t had any luck? Alas, Catch is here to save your day (and weekend budget). Score yourself something that you know you want and need - a classic record player to blast those sweet tunes! Never miss out on a bargain again, shop with Australia’s favourite online superstore – Catch!