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The Best Portable Speakers on Sale

Imagine how sweet it would be to take your music with you everywhere? Being able to blast those tunes and dance your life away on the go sounds like a sweet idea. If you had a wireless speaker you could take it with you to the beach, the park, the bathroom, all around the house. In fact, you can take your portable speaker with you anywhere you want because it’s yours. Be the life of the party and solve those quite situations with a roar from one of our mind-blowing speakers. Does you mate not have any speakers and he/she wants to have a get together with the crew? No problem, now you can solve all of life’s problems with your hair-raising, stimulating, eye-popping portable speaker! Our wireless speakers are some of the best in the world, you know at Catch we only give you the best top tier products for out-of-this-world prices. Don’t miss out, you’ll love rocking out with your mates to one of these on a Friday night.

What’s the Best Portable Speaker?

Are you one of those people who enjoys blaring a sick tune and rocking out with your awesome dance moves? The UE MegaBoom 3 is exactly what you need to do just that. This portable speaker is designed for anywhere and can be taken everywhere, anytime. Once you’ve got a MegaBoom in your hands you’ll know why these portable speakers are so popular around the world. Possessing a 360° design that produces a stunning sound for your ears. Featuring Logitech speakers, the MegaBoom provides you with audio so perfect it’s crystal clear. Oh, and how cool is this – it’s even waterproof! You can submerge the MegaBoom 3 for 30 minutes. The kick-ass sound is paired with a 15-hour battery life, that’s 15 hours of total party madness. Use your smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth devices.