Tissues, Cotton Wool & Toilet Paper on Sale

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From cotton balls to toilet paper, we’ve got all your toiletry products

For all your toiletries needs, Catch is your one stop shop. Find tissues, cotton wool and toilet paper on sale today and never overpay for essentials again.

If you’re after a tissue that will treat your nose with softness and kindness even during the harsh winter months, don’t go past Aloe Vera Kleenex tissues. Their soothing properties allow you to avoid the dreaded red nose that comes with cold and flu season, or make battling hayfever that little bit less awful. To step it up a notch when you’re suffering that dreaded flu, the silky soft Eucalyptus Kleenex tissues harbour a natural decongestant property, working to clear your stuffy nose and helping you breathe easier. Stock up on a bulk pack today and save big!

Speaking of stocking up on bulk items on sale, a pack of cotton balls is a household essential, perfect for multi-purpose use in cosmetics, for baby care or even arts and crafts. The many possibilities of the humble cotton ball are endless! For other cosmetic and baby use, snap up a mega pack of cotton tips for a hygienic yet gentle solution for your skin.

No household can go without toilet paper... a necessity for every family or workplace, so stocking up while they’re on sale is a no-brainer! Grab a bulk pack of toilet roll with a 3-in-1 combination of softness, strength and absorbency, giving you a superior clean every time. For hypoallergenic and biodegradable toilet paper, the Kleenex complete clean toilet tissue roll boasts a unique CleanRipple texture, making you wonder how you ever went without!

Don’t miss out on a Screamin Good Deal on toilet paper, tissues and other toiletries

Whether you’re after facial tissues, cotton balls, makeup wipes or other toiletry necessities, Catch has it all. With unbelievable prices and delivery direct to your door, shopping at Australia’s favourite online superstore couldn’t get easier. So what are you waiting for? Shop from the comfort of your own home and pick up a Screamin’ Good Deal today!