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Buy sanitary pads online at Catch!

Who said PMSing is gonna be easy? During that time of the month, you’ll be cranky, emotional and full of mood swings however, there is one thing we can take care of and that’s sanitary products! Catch has its range of feminine hygiene on sale! Buy sanitary pads, women’s panty liners, tampons and many more, all 100% online and delivered straight to your door! Worried about leaving stains on the bedsheet at night? Don’t worry, the 3 x U by Kotex Extra Overnight Pads Maxi Wings 10pk is the solution to all your worries. These overnight pads have been designed to provide you with maximum protection, featuring a fast absorbing core, anti-leak side guards and soft cottony cover for incredible comfort from the moment your head touches the pillow. We know periods can be super stressful but with good quality sanitary products, it’ll at least be clean, hygienic and healthy.

Buy tampons online from Catch!

If sanitary napkins seem like a lot of hassle, switch to tampons or a menstruation cup. Get your hands on the Lunette Model 2 Menstrual Cup & Cleanser Pack, it collects the fluid rather than absorbing it, this way you’ll be clean and dry for the rest of the day. No more restrictions with clothing when it comes to periods, wear your tight ripped jeans or a onesie swimsuit, with tampons and menstruation cups you’ll be bright bold and confident all day long. On the third and fourth day when bleeding is light, switch to 2 x U By Kotex Liners Nude 30pk, these breathable and unbelievably thin pads will fit well in your underwear and will make you feel like you're wearing nothing at all. Catch has got everything to make your menstruation easy! Buy feminine hygiene & sanitary products online at prices you can afford!

Buy female intimate cleaning wash online for fresh and infection free periods!

Check out the 2 x Femfresh Daily Intimate Cleansing Wash 250mL, it's filled with aloe and calendula to make you feel clean and fresh all day long. Its PH balance formula will help protect your skin from irritants and rashes. Hygiene is a matter of overall well being, so without compromising on quality buy budget friendly sanitary products online from Catch.com.au!