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Are you in the mood to trade your morning shower for some extra minutes of sleep? Wait! In no way are we suggesting a no-shower regiment...but sometimes it’s ok to oversleep and skip showers because body deodorants are gonna take care of you for hours. The best deodorants for women are available these days in the form of roll-ons and sticks, which are a much better option, especially if you have sneezing problems with sprays. Check out the 6 x Nivea Silk Touch Anti-Perspirant Roll-On antiperspirant - we bet there won’t be any need for you to look further, this is what you’re waiting for. The quick drying formula, enriched with ultra-light kaolin powder provides a dry, silky smooth feeling whilst giving you 48-hours antiperspirant protection against sweating and odour.. The Red Door deodorant cream by Elizabeth Arden is also something you’ll wanna take a look at. The obvious attention grabber in this product is its cream formula which has a light floral scent, making it easy and safe to use on your skin. Don’t let your confidence suffer due to unwanted body odour - shop right here at Catch and stock up our extensive range of the best quality mists, sprays and antiperspirants available online!

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Rexona antiperspirants are found inside almost every gym bag, for all the right reasons. One of those reasons being their ability to keep us smelling and feeling fresh no matter how intense our workouts are. The best part is we’ve got loads of them on sale! So it’s a mighty good idea to stock up on these gym pals now instead of paying full price later.. If you don’t own them yet then definitely check out the 2 x Rexona Summer Strength Clinical Protection Antiperspirant. It’s sweat resistant formula will keep you dry throughout your workouts or otherwise. It’s a Screamin’ Good Deal, trust us! Just click on ‘Buy Now’ and we’ll deliver it straight to your door. Say goodbye to odour and say hello to Catch!