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For silky and supple skin, buy body moisturiser & lotion online from Catch!

Hot showers offer relaxation & stress relief, but it doesn't come without its flaws - they can take away your body’s natural moisture, leaving your skin tight and prone to irritation. However, using a good body lotion as your post-bath beauty regime is a perfect way to redress your skin’s moisture balance. Quench your skin's thirst with the ultra-hydrating Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion. This lotion contains soothing Cocoa Butter, moisturising deep to help heal, calm and soothe dry skin while revealing the skin's natural radiance, absorbing fast for a non-greasy feel. Did we mention it comes in a pack of 2? Talk about value! A gift pack of fragranced body lotion and body wash is the perfect present for your BFF’s upcoming birthday. Take a look at MOR Emporium Classics Lavish Lychee Flower 2-Piece Gift Set - this lotion and wash duo is infused with the sweet and seductive fragrance of lychee flowers, it’ll leave your BFF bewitched and feeling truly indulged. Scroll through our range of skin and body care products online, pick your fav and simply check out!, Catch will deliver it straight to your door!

Find body products like lotions, washes and moisturisers for a lot less at Catch!

Looking for a budget-friendly body cleanser? The Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser is literally waiting for you. This richly aromatic formulation enhanced with coriander seeds and black peppercorns, clean your skin thoroughly removing all the external toxins, leaving it calm and fresh. For men in the house - don’t think this range is only for the ladies.. Check out the 2 x Lynx Africa Shower Gel, you are gonna dig the forest inspired smell that’ll linger the moment you open the bottle. Buy body wash online available at mind-blowing prices - here at Catch we love offering MASSIVE sales that keep customers smiling.

Best body moisturiser and scrubs for all skin types available online at CATCH!

We know that grabbing a cup of joe every morning is part of the daily routine for many. But if you’re not scrubbing your body with coffee as part of your skincare ritual, we’re not sure if you can call yourself a true coffee fan... All jokes aside, coffee scrubs are known for their ability to effectively exfoliate the skin.One of our favourites is the Geranium & Rosewood Coffee Scrub by Thankyou, which combines coffee granules with macadamia oil. In addition to the gentle exfoliation, this scrub also provides deep hydration with essential oils. Sound like something you want to have? Then go grab one, or even a few before they’re out of stock! Shop for body products online at Catch and save BIG.