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We can all agree on one thing: smelling nice makes you feel extra confident when you walk out the door. To some people, spraying on your favourite scent is a form of self-expression. Not only does it showcase your individuality, fragrances can also invoke precious memories, be it your last holiday or a recent first date. When it comes to signature scents, there are tons for you to choose from. We understand that it can be overwhelming to find your perfect match. That’s why we’re here to help you. We have a massive range of perfumes on sale! Whether you’re looking for something floral or musky, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s start with celebrity fragrances. Ever wanted to know what Ariana Grande smells like? Check out Ari by Ariana Grande. It has fruity notes, with a floral heart and a base of musk woods and marshmallow. Are you a part of the Beyhive? Then you’re gonna love this. Give Beyonce Midnight Heat for Women a try. Shop celebrity fragrances on sale at Catch today!

Discover Designer Perfume Brands

Whatever your preferences are, we guarantee we have something you’ll like. Love treating yourself? We have tons of designer brands for you to splurge on. If you love something dark and musky, YSL Black Opium is the one for you. This best-selling scent consists of top notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and pear, middle notes of coffee and jasmine and base notes of vanilla, patchouli and cedar. For a good floral scent, check out Elie Saab Le Parfum. It features top notes of mandarin blossom, heart notes of orange blossom and gardenia and base notes of vetiver, rose and honey. Spoil your special someone with Tiffany & Co. For Women EDP. The brand is a representation of luxury, glamour and romance in New York. It features top notes of Vert de manderine, middle notes of noble iris and base notes of patchouli and musk. Here at Catch, we also have something for the men in your lives. Take Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme EDT for example, it’s inspired by the power and beauty of the sea. Its natural and fresh marine signature emits an irresistible scent. Shop designer perfume brands for less today!

Cheapest Fragrances Online

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to smell great, check out Demeter. Demeter has hundreds of fragrance in a variety of unique scents. Plus, they come in small bottles that are perfect if you’re always on the go. Take the Caramel Roll On Perfume Oil for example, its non-alcohol formulation pampers and softens the skin. Another fun scent Demeter offers is Gingerbread. This sweet and spicy scent contains notes of ginger, gingerbread and vanilla. MOR is another great brand that offers perfume oils. If you love florals, MOR Sweet Treats Perfume Oil in Pretty Peony leaves pulse points perfectly perfumed. Malie Organics Pikake Perfume Oil is your best friend if you can’t go without a citrusy scent. Shop discounted perfume oils online now!