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At Catch, hair removal for men is easy...

Our range of beard trimmers, clippers and shaving kits will ensure that you get the most efficient and even trimming results every time. Whether you’re perfecting the 5 o’clock shadow, full beard or venturing into the realm of man-scaping, the perfect utensil for all your needs and more is right at your fingertips.

A variety of tools are available to perfectly style your face just the way you like it - or alternatively, venture out and try something new with the many possibilities of your mens shaver, trimmer or clipper from Catch. You’ll be able to find the best beard trimmer to give you a close and comfortable shave, while still preventing scratching, irritation and pesky cuts. Further convenience is added by the removable and rinseable heads and other parts, while the rechargeable mens shaver is portable and so perfect for use while travelling with easy, compact storage.

For all your shaving, waxing and hair removal needs, you can’t go past Catch.

Discover our range of shaving kits online today

Using your electric shaver from Catch couldn’t be easier - the ergonomic design makes it a pleasure to use, and you can find an electric razor with the ability to trim your unwanted nose or ear hair, or groom your face, hair and body… talk about versatile! Use a precision trimmer to refine the edges of your cheeks, neck and chin to achieve a finished look. You can also find other accessories such as a folding beard comb and moustache brush, beard wash and oil, amongst others to help keep your hair in top notch condition.