Massager & Footspa Products on Sale

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Pamper yourself with a foot spa after a long day at the office

Bring the day spa home and unwind from the comfort of your own couch with your very own foot spa from Catch! Treat your tootsies to some well-earned soothing heat, relaxing bubbles and a healing vibration massage. With fully customisable settings and a convenient splash guard, there’s no excuses for not snagging one up today at an unbelievable price!

Kickstart whole body wellness from the bottom up with a foot and calf massager

Unwind after a long day by sinking into your favourite comfy armchair and treating yourself to a foot and calf massager, releasing the built-up tension from the day and stimulating blood flow. Undo the damage done from standing and walking throughout the day, instead letting the powerful motors of a Shiatsu foot massager knead, rub and press therapeutically.

Looking for the perfect foot and calf massager? The Livemor Shiatsu Kneading Roller Machine boasts 4 powerful motors and 12 massage discs, ensuring no areas miss out on a rejuvenating stimulation. With adjustable angles, a simple to use control panel and 360-degree all-dimensional massage, this handy device will give you ultimate relaxation at home, whenever you please!

If you’re looking to treat more than just your feet or lower legs, check out our range of other massagers including neck kneaders, hand-held massagers, relaxation wraps and massage pillows, amongst many more. It’s all under the one roof here at Catch, and with delivery direct to your door, it couldn’t be easier!