Essential Oils & Melts

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Discover the benefits of an essential oils pack today

Reap the benefits of skin, hair, body and mind with an essen

Place these versatile liquids into your essential oil diffuser, massage into the body or sprinkle a few drops into the bath for a restful soak after a tiring day. Release congested sinuses by inhalation to get relief from that nagging cold or flu. For the super crafty, create your own lotions and scrubs out of your favourite essential oils and protect your skin from the harsh elements in a natural way.

There’s a scent suited to every essential oil diffuser

Surrender your senses with an essential oils pack, or gift to a cherished one so they too can enhance their wellbeing with aromatherapy. Find a scent suited perfectly to you - with everything from spicy or citrusy to sweet and floral, there’s an oil fit for everyone.

Place an oil diffuser in every room to induce a particular mood, or drop onto linen and clothing for a relaxed demeanour even when out and about. Discover the magic of essential oils today by taking advantage of the sales at Catch - what are you waiting for!