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Sandwich Press Galore!

There’s not much out there in this world that tops a classic ham and cheese toastie. Sandwich presses AKA jaffle makers should be a staple in every Aussie home - they’re the perfect kitchen appliance for sandwiching anything you desire into 2 slices of bread and turning it into a pockets filled with goodness - whether it’s cheese, chicken, tuna, tomato, butter, mayo, peanut butter, vegemite, jam, honey...the possibilities are endless! If you’re sandwich press is a little worse for wear, or you don’t have a sandwich maker and have recently realised you need one in your life, good news - we’ve got ‘em at Catch. Not only do we stock an eclectic selection of top-notch sandwich grills, what they’ve been heavily discounted as well. Why shop elsewhere when you can sit back on your couch, grab yourself a cuppa (and a toasted sandwich perhaps?) and browse the jaffle maker range 100% online at Catch? Unbeatable prices and delivery straight to your door - you really can’t go wrong.

The Best Sandwich Presses, On SALE At Catch

The main reason why we love sandwich presses so much is because of their ease-of-use! All you need to do is plug the bad boy in, take out slices of bread, fill it with anything you desire, press the lid down and waitr a few minutes. Before you know it, you have something scrumptious to munch on. One thing we’ve tried out before is spreading some butter on the outside of the bread slices! This results in an even crispier, godly golden toasted sandwich. Now that we’ve shared our tip of the day, let us take you through what’s up for grabs at our jaffle sale! If you’re after than nice flat surface on your toastie, then the Breville Toast and Melt Sandwich Press is a wise move. With 4 adjustable heights, you’ll be sure to achieve evenly crispy results no matter how thick the sandwich. If you’re a fan of getting that triangular outline on your toastie, the Two Slice Non-Stick Sandwich Maker by Tiffany will be your best friend in the kitchen! And trust us - the price tag on this beauty will blow your mind (you might even end up grabbing a couple…). All these and so many more sandwich press grills are available at Catch today!