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Explore the range of possibilities available with your very own electric soup maker

Devising nutritious soups with minimal hassle is now more attainable than ever! Simply add your ingredients, select a program and press start to begin the cooking process - it’s as easy as that.

We’ve got a wide range of soup kettles available; those with high volume capacities to serve the largest of families, portable ones ideal for camping and caravanning, and those which double as a blender or smoothie maker. Additionally, a variety of settings allow you to customise your soup’s consistency - decide between a puree, simmer, chunky or blended form to achieve the ideal thickness suited to your particular recipe.

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Our range of electric soup makers have innovative and ingenious control systems to make the cooking process as seamless as possible. Overflow sensors, heat resistant jugs, detachable lids and easy pour designs demonstrate that these products have been devised with user ergonomics in mind. Warm an already brewed soup mixture, roast your morning mug of cocoa or invent a new chilli curry - the possibilities of these devices are limited only by your imagination.

Check out the advanced Superchef Soup Maker Blender for a high capacity soup maker with a modern LCD display and the ability to cook eggs. Even if your cooking skills are lacking, you can make any task seem effortless with the ability to blend a range of ingredients, creating dips, juices, coffee and more, all at the simple touch of a button.

Load up your fresh ingredients and begin cooking today with your own electric soup maker from Catch.