Food Vacuum Sealers on Sale

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Maintaining freshness and avoiding food wastage is made easy with a food sealer from Catch!

Secure maximum freshness while maintaining optimum flavour with your very own vacuum sealing machine from Catch! Seal anything from fruit, veggies, rice, pasta, nuts, bread, biscuits and more - the possibilities are endless!

It’s no secret that air and moisture are detrimental to your food’s freshness. That’s where the food vacuum sealer comes in - by locking air out and sealing crispness in, your food will stay fresher for longer. This significantly increases the time your fish, meat and other perishable items can be stored without the necessity for freezing, prolonging the shelf life of your items and minimising food wastage. You can now buy in bulk and store produce without the fear that your items will expire before you get to enjoy their goodness.

Discover the many benefits of a vacuum sealing machine for yourself!

Both compact and easy to use, the device’s one-touch locking lever and single button operation make the food vacuum sealer a breeze to use. Storing your food flat and airtight is beyond simple, saving you freezer space with incredibly efficient storage capabilities. The versatility of these devices is evident in their ability to provide a quick, tight seal for both moist and dry products, avoiding ghastly freezer burn and eliminating food wastage. Never experience a pesky leaking container again with a dishwasher-safe and BPA-free reusable bag.

Discover the range on sale at Catch!

The advanced Home Ready 125W Silver Vacuum sealing machine contains custom speed settings, including a gentle mode for the more juicy foods to prevent spillage. An LED light indicates the status of sealage, while you can seal any variety of sizes up to 30cm in as little as 6 seconds! Search other big brands such as FoodSaver, Russell Hobbs, VacPac and more, all for less than what you’ll pay anywhere else.

Browse the wide range of food vacuum sealers including those with removable kitchen scales, normal or gentle modes, pre-cut bags and convenient roll cutters which allow you to avoid complicated trimming, eliminating the need for scissors entirely. Additionally, find all the accessories you need under the one roof here at Catch - including sealer rolls and pre-cut food vacuum bags in popular sizes to provide that extra level of convenience. You can now prep meals ahead of time, store leftovers and prevent spoilage, and with your very own vacuum sealing machine, it couldn’t be easier.