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Electric hand mixers are the staple item for all serious bakers!

Baking, beating, whisking or fluffing - the hand mixer is the device you’ve been looking for to make creating scrumptious desserts and tasty delicacies a piece of cake!

The capable motors and efficient beaters can mix heavy batters, while also being versatile enough to whisk up a foamy meringue. Choose from any number of pulse settings for utmost power and control at your fingertips. Make the electric hand mixer the staple item of your kitchen and the go-to for any batter requirements. Catch has the widest range of supplementary accessories so you can attain the best hand mixer ever - including dough hooks, pouring shields, ice cream dashers and more.

For the smaller mixing tasks, the compact KitchenAid KHM926 Artisan Hand Mixer is a delight to use thanks to its soft grip handle, providing optimum comfort to users, while the Soft Star feature prevents food splatters. For something more advanced, the Breville Handy Mix Electric Mixer contains a wide variety of speeds in addition to the Turbo function. This will allow you to tackle any task, offering a power boost for when you need it most. The LCD screen makes this ingenious product one of the many fantastic hand mixers on offer, so why not search other big brands under the one roof at Catch. Find stick mixers and electric hand mixers from Russell Hobbs, Westinghouse, Braun and CuisinArt for prices considerably lower than what you’ll find elsewhere.

Find the best stick mixer for less!

Perfect for the home cook, stick mixers are designed for single hand operation, providing ultimate user ease. Their light weight and compact nature makes them ideal for everyday use and convenient storage. Effortlessly blend with the multipurpose blade in any variety of bowls or containers, or, simply use it directly in your cooking pot! The diversity of the stick mixer makes it appropriate for a range of tasks you wouldn’t have previously imagined - puree, blend, emulsify, aerate or grind in either small or large quantities! This utensil is undoubtedly a requirement for eliminating tedious meal preparation, transforming your food into its smoothest and silkiest form yet.

Shop and save with Catch!

Don’t miss out - the electric hand & stick mixer sale is on now at Catch! Find all the big brands you need to whip up the most heavenly treats with less effort than ever before. These utensils are the most space efficient and ergonimic for completing your blending and beating tasks, so look no further, Catch has it all!